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Seylan Bank joins hands with Union Bank to issue 'Global Traveller's Cards' to Union Bank customers
Having entered the Card industry in 1992 with an array of Card types to suit it's customer requirements, Seylan Bank today is one of the largest Card issuers in the country.

In March 2005, Seylan Bank launched yet another card for the 1st time in Sri Lanka, the 'Visa Traveller's Card'. The Traveller's Card is a substitute for Traveller's cheques and is considered to be safe, convenient and secure in comparison to carrying Traveller's cheques. The Traveller's card relieves the customer of the burden of having to spend time and money locating exchange houses to encash Travelers cheques at unfavorable exchange rates.

Seylan Bank took an initiative to extend the Global Traveller's Card to various other authorized financial Institutions. Union Bank was the recent Bank to join hands with Seylan Bank to issue Global Traveller's Cards to their customers.

Global VISA Traveller's Card enables travelers to carry a Card instead of traditional Travelers' Cheques or Foreign Currency Notes. This card is accepted at over 24 million merchant outlets and at over 1.6 Million VISA ATM's worldwide allowing 24 Hour access to funds. Cash withdrawals and balance inquiries at ATMs could be made free of charge. Favorable exchange rates (as determined by VISA International ), security of funds with a the 4 digit PIN number, additional Card in case of loss or theft of the main Card, SMS alerts to notify transactions, online access are some of the very many benefits available to Traveller's Cardholders. 24 Hour Hotline facility is available on 0112 00 88 88 for all queries including blocking of cards incase of loss/theft of the Card.

Cardholders enjoy a free Travel & medical Insurance Cover if the card is loaded with over USD 500. Further, Cardholders need not carry the Passport each time they need to make a withdrawal or a purchase unlike in the case of Traveller's Cheques

  Standing from left to right;
Mr. A N De Silva - Chief Operating Officer, Union Bank Ltd, Mr. Anil Amarasuriya - Director/ CEO, Union Bank Ltd, Mr. Eastman Narangoda - Chairman, Seylan Bank PLC, Mr. R Nadarajah - Executive Director, Seylan Bank PLC, Mr. Ajita Pasqual - General Manager/ Chief Executive, Seylan Bank PLC, Mr. Tissa Nanayakkara - Senior Deputy General Manager, Seylan Card Centre

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