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எங்களைப் பற்றி வரலாறு மைல் கற்கள் பணிப்பாளர் சபை மேல்நிலை முகாமைத்துவம் வங்கி விடுமுறைகள்
In 1988, our Founder Chairman Deshamanya Dr Lalith Kotelawala began a mission to fulfill a long felt need for a truly Sri Lankan commercial bank. From its inception, the Bank has focused on customer service and now offers a variety of convenient banking services. The total number of service centres has now risen to over one hundred thereby playing a lead role in the financial sector of Sri Lanka.

The Bank has been in the forefront in marketing several technology based products and services. Seylan Bank's social responsibility and its commitment has grown significantly. The Bank participated in several welfare projects and programmes such as promotion of sports, celebration of festivities and also plays a lead role in community service projects.
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  Exchange Rates| 2015-03-06
Currency LKR
131.5000 134.8500
196.5729 206.5618
141.9549 149.6360
1.0717 1.1302
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